Treating Vertigo and Dizziness with Physiotherapy

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Treating Vertigo and Dizziness with Physiotherapy

Learn how physiotherapy can effectively treat vertigo and dizziness at Arunalaya Advanced Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Patel Nagar, Delhi. Discover the causes of dizziness, including BPPV, and how specialized exercises and maneuvers can improve balance, reduce symptoms, and enhance overall well-being.

Vertigo and dizziness can significantly impact a person's daily life, leading to decreased confidence, fear of falls, and decreased independence. At Arunalaya Advanced Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Patel Nagar, Delhi, we offer specialized physiotherapy treatment for vertigo and dizziness. This blog explores the causes of dizziness, with a focus on BPPV, and highlights how physiotherapy can effectively address these conditions, providing relief and improving balance.

Causes of Dizziness:
Dizziness can stem from various issues, including inner ear problems, traumas such as whiplash or concussion, low blood pressure, and nervous system disorders like multiple sclerosis, strokes, and migraines. These conditions disrupt the proper functioning of the vestibular system, which is responsible for maintaining balance and coordination.

Understanding BPPV:
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is a common form of peripheral vertigo caused by loose calcium carbonate crystals in the inner ear. These crystals interfere with the normal fluid movement in the canals, sending conflicting signals to the brain and resulting in a spinning sensation. BPPV can cause symptoms such as nausea, sweating, vomiting, staggering while walking, headaches, limited neck flexibility, and twitching eyes.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Vertigo and Dizziness:
Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in treating vertigo and dizziness by improving function, balance, and reducing the risk of falls. At Arunalaya Advanced Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, our experienced physiotherapists employ specialized techniques tailored to each patient's unique needs. Some common exercises used in vestibular physiotherapy include:

1. Eye-Head Coordination Exercises: These exercises aim to improve focus and reduce dizziness symptoms by coordinating eye and head movements.

2. Balance and Gait Exercises: These exercises challenge the vestibular balance system and strengthen it, enhancing balance while walking and performing daily activities.

3. Habituation Exercises: Habituation exercises involve gentle movements that stimulate the symptoms of dizziness and vertigo, gradually desensitizing the vestibular system to these movements.

Specialized Maneuvers:
For individuals with BPPV, physiotherapists can perform specialized maneuvers to reposition the loose crystals in the inner ear. Two commonly used maneuvers are the Epley maneuver and the Brandt-Daroff exercises.

- Epley Maneuver: This maneuver involves a series of head and body movements to reposition the crystals in the vestibular system. It is highly effective in treating BPPV and can be performed multiple times per day.

- Brandt-Daroff Exercises: These exercises alternate between sitting and lying positions to facilitate the repositioning of the crystals in the inner ear.

Choose Arunalaya Advanced Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation:
Arunalaya Advanced Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Patel Nagar, Delhi, is the ideal choice for treating vertigo and dizziness. Our skilled physiotherapists provide personalized care and develop customized treatment plans to address your specific condition. Through a combination of exercises, maneuvers, and expert guidance, we aim to alleviate your symptoms, improve balance, and enhance your overall well-being.

Physiotherapy offers a comprehensive approach to treating vertigo and dizziness, providing effective relief and improved balance. At Arunalaya Advanced Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Patel Nagar, Delhi, our specialized physiotherapy techniques, including exercises and maneuvers, target the underlying causes of dizziness, such as BPPV. Take the first step towards a balanced and symptom-free life by scheduling an appointment with our expert physiotherapists today.

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