The right Shoe

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The right Shoe

 Are your daily wear shoes giving you pain and health problem?

We know once upon a time people walked and worked whole day without wearing any footwear but now we have lot of options in footwear. The shoes we wear are actually central to our everyday health. Poorly designed shoes or footwear that doesn’t fit properly can cause a number of short or long term pain and health problem that effect various part of our bodies and life ,so it’s important to know and be aware what you’re putting on your feet.

The cost of wearing heel -

Some kind of pains are difficult to avoid but one that can be easily prevented is foot pain. Much of the time you can trace foot pain directly to the shoes you decide to wear. Experts say a bad shoe can create potential foot, leg, low back or general health problems and high heeled shoes and improperly fitted shoes cause health problems such as bunions ,heel pain and deformed toes as well as nerve damage. A survey found that most women also experience leg cramps and  tired of wearing shoes that hurt’s their feet. As well as high heel gives you muscle pain and spasms in calves causing Plantar fasciitis and Calcaneal spur. Long term wear of high heels can shorten the muscles in your calves and back leading to backache.

Ill-fitting and high shoes wearing can cause damage to your feet can create nail and fungal problems, back, joint and hip pain, calf strains.

 Flip flops: Flat shoes with little or no arch support cause fallen arches, can be extremely painful and makes walking difficult and tiring for prolonged periods and on uneven surfaces such as hilly areas. One may also get inflamed and worn fascia at the bottom of the foot (plantar fasciitis) which can be debilitating for the patient as well as flats without arch support can cause lower back and ankle pain due to the flopping gait.

Ballet flats: Ballet flat shoes that are too tight across the toes and bell of the foot increase the pressure on the toenails and nail beds as the toes and nails themselves have no room for movement , the nails are often encouraged to bend and curl inwards. If the nail pierces the skin, an infection can occur. In particularly severe cases, this infection can lead to amputation.

Thigh high shoes: When it comes to foot pain, thigh high boots can cause some of the same foot health issue as shoes with stiletto heels, depending on their heel height and they present the additional risk of causing leg issues if the boots are too tight. Tight non stretchable thigh high boots can put pressure on the peroneal nerve in the knee and cause burning and tingling.

Take care of your feet:

It’s easy to take our feet for granted. They’re just there, handling with a lot of challenges, from being stiffened into high heels and elevated to heights to perspiration inside sweaty socks or tight nylon pantyhose.

While suffering those indignities, our feet take hundreds of tons of force impact just during an average day of walking.

You don’t need an expensive spa treatment to take care of your feet. Spending just a few minutes a day on foot care and choosing the right shoes can keep you free of problem that may lead to pain and even disability.

Make point to wash your feet with a washcloth carefully and regularly. Be sure to dry your feet completely, including between the toes. This can lessen problems such as athlete’s foot, odour, bacteria and fungus.

For soaking your feet, forget the Epsom salts as they’re too drying and are of least medical benefit. Instead, just use warm water and a little liquid soap containing skin softeners. Moisturize your feet after washing during winter months, you may need to moisturize several times a day. Nothing fancy is needed just basic lotions and creams are fine.


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