Why warming up before any physical activities are important?

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Why warming up before any physical activities are important?


The importance of warm–up exercises should be considered by anybody who works out. Although warm–ups probably won’t help much with burning calories or building muscle, they’re crucial to the success of a workout!


Why Warmup Before Working Out?

Warming up essentially tells your body to prepare for exercise with light intensity or low impact movements. A “warmup” may help reduce the risk of injury and soreness by pushing your cardiovascular system to get your blood pumping and your body temperature higher. Warmups will usually be exercise specific, so for example, a runner’s warmup will look different than a football players’ warmup due to the necessity of activating the key muscles to utilize in the workout.


In a 2008 Norwegian study, researchers studied the injury rate in a thousand female soccer athletes who warmed up before workouts compared to several hundred female soccer players who did not. They found that those who warmed up sustained fewer injuries, fewer overuse injuries, and any injuries that were endured as well — were less severe compared to the individuals who did not warm up.


The participants who did warmup engaged in “active” stretching, not static stretching. What does this mean? Active stretching is doing jumping jacks or lunges to engage the muscles before a workout; whereas static stretching would be simply stretching your muscles by touching your toes or stretching your calf.


Warming up and activating the muscles in your body in preparation for a workout dramatically decreased the injury rate in these athletes.


Warming up before you begin any physical activity is important to make sure that you’re actively taking steps to reduce your likelihood of an injury and prepping your body for the upcoming stress it’s about to engage in. In addition, adding a warmup to your routine can help your body ease into the upcoming workout with critical internal systems like your cardiovascular system and muscle groups that will be heavily utilized in compound movements.


What Does a Warmup Do For Your Body?


The benefits of warming up before a workout can provide many positive outcomes such as:


Increased blood and oxygen to the muscles that are in use

Dilated blood vessels to pump blood easier

Less strain on the heart to pump blood throughout the system

Increased body temperature increases elasticity in the muscles

Increased muscle temperature which can lead to less muscle injury and strain

Activation of cooling methods so the body won’t overheat (sweating)

Hormones are released which allow fatty acids and carbohydrates to be converted into energy.

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