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* Synovitis is swelling in the synovial membrane that lines some of your joints.

*  It’s very common in people who have arthritis.

* Any joint in your body that has a synovial membrane can develop synovitis.

 * The most common joints affected by synovitis include your:






* This membrane produces a special fluid to lubricate the joint and prevent wear on cartilage while the joint is in motion.

* Injuries, osteoarthritis and various types of inflammatory arthritis can cause swelling of the synovium, which can lead to pain and other symptoms.

causes of synovitis of the knee

>  Synovitis is ultimately caused by inflammation, and the root cause of this inflammation needs to be determined.

>  Inflammation in the knee or any other synovial joint is due to an overproduction of synovial fluid or bleeding in the joint in reaction to a trauma of the joint.

> Repeated, untreated, internal joint bleeding of the knee has the possibility of leaking into the synovium.

> When internal bleeding is present in the joint, the synovial membrane thickens and will grow additional blood vessels in the area, which may lead to even more bleeding in the joint if left untreated. This increase in blood vessels around the injured joint is one reason why the knee will begin to swell with inflammation.

> Causes of joint bleeds and inflammation in the knee include:

  • Overuse of the knee
  • Untreated arthritis, particularly gout or Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Repeated injuries to the knee joint, tissue or muscles causing the joint to bleed internally

>Inflammation is a common symptom of other chronic knee pain conditions.

>Patients may suffer from synovitis and another knee condition at the same time.


> Redness

> Swelling

> Pain, especially while moving.

> Joint stiffness that is worse in the morning.

> Warmth in the knee.

> Water on the knee.


> Any history of arthritis or gout, the patient’s activity level, and if there have been any recent injuries to the knee or leg.

> perform a physical examination, checking the knee for redness, swelling, and warmth.

> Test the range of motion of the knee, and the presence of any pain or tenderness to the touch.


> To help alleviate your pain, improve your mobility and comfort, accelerate the healing process, and put the right measures in place to help prevent the joints from becoming damaged again in the future – where the cause is overuse. 

> Off-loading techniques like custom foot orthotics to shift pressure away from the inflamed joint while walking, thereby helping manage pain and further overuse while supporting its healing and repair.

> Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication to help manage the painful symptoms.

> Footwear to achieve a better and more well-supported foot posture that helps keep the joints in an optimum alignment.

> Stretching and strengthening of the muscles surrounding the joints, where muscle weakness or tightness have contributed to the overuse of the joint.

> treatments are geared to decrease inflammation, lessen swelling, and manage pain.

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