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* A bursa is a fluid-filled sac that acts as a cushion between tendons, ligaments, bones, and skin. Bursae help to decrease friction between these structures.

*Bursitis occurs when bursae become inflamed.

* The most common locations for bursitis are in the shoulder, elbow,Knee and hip.

*Bursitis often occurs near joints that perform frequent repetitive motion.


* Pain, especially when you’re moving the affected part of your body.

* A limited range of motion (how far you can move a body part).

* Swelling.

*If you have an infection that’s causing bursitis, you might have other symptoms, including

* Discoloration or redness on your skin.

* A feeling of warmth or heat.

* Fever.

* Chills.


Pain when raising arms above head

Discomfort worsens at night

Decreased range of motio


Increased pain if the elbow is bent

Infection is common in this bursa


Pain while walking

Tenderness in groin area

Pain in front and middle areas of thigh to knee and is increased when hip is extended or rotated


Swelling on the front of the kneecap

Pain when knee is bent

Pain worsens at night


* A bursa can become swollen or irritated when muscles or tendons become tight and increase the pressure over the bursa.

* Falling directly on the location of a bursa can also cause a bursa to become irritated.

* Sometimes, infections can cause bursitis.

* Doing the same motion over and over again (like throwing) can cause bursitis.

Physiotherapy management

Stretching and range-of-motion exercises: These exercises can help to reduce pain and stiffness, and improve the range of motion in the affected joint. Stretching and range-of-motion exercises are an important part of physiotherapy treatment for bursitis as they help to alleviate pain and improve flexibility.

Strengthening exercises: Strengthening the muscles around the affected joint can help to support the joint and reduce the risk of recurrence. A specific exercise program that targets the muscles around the affected joint to improve strength and reduce pain.

Ultrasound therapy: This treatment uses high-frequency sound waves to help reduce inflammation and pain. Ultrasound therapy promotes healing by increasing blood flow to the affected area, which can help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Dry needling: This is a treatment that uses thin needles to stimulate the muscles and reduce pain. Dry needling is a technique that uses thin needles to target trigger points in the muscles. This can help to reduce pain and improve muscle function.

Manual therapy: This includes techniques such as massage, joint mobilization, and manipulation, which can help to reduce pain and improve joint function. Manual therapy techniques such as massage and joint mobilization can help to alleviate pain, improve range of motion and reduce muscle tension.

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