Special tests for supraspinatous sprain

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Special tests for supraspinatous sprain


In physiotherapy, several special tests are commonly used to assess a suspected supraspinatus tear.

  1. Empty Can Test (Jobe Test):

The patient raises their arm to 90 degrees in the scapular plane with the thumb pointing downward, mimicking emptying a can. The therapist applies resistance during this movement, checking for pain or weakness.

  1. Drop Arm Test:

The patient is asked to actively abduct their arm and then slowly lower it to the side. If there’s a supraspinatus tear, the patient may have difficulty controlling the descent, experiencing pain or weakness.

  1. Hawkins-Kennedy Test:

The patient’s arm is passively elevated to 90 degrees, and the therapist then internally rotates the arm. Pain during this maneuver can be indicative of a supraspinatus tear.

  1. External Rotation Lag Sign:

The patient is asked to internally rotate their arm against resistance, and then the therapist supports the arm in external rotation. If there’s a lag or inability to maintain external rotation, it may suggest a tear.

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