Ankle sprain rehab

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Ankle sprain rehab

A sprained ankle is an injury that occurs when you roll, twist or turn your ankle in an awkward way. This stretches or tear the ligaments which surrounds our ankle joint. Ankle sprain are usually of 2 types . Medial and lateral ankle sprain . When your ankle gets twisted in innversion then lateral sprain occur which is more common. When your ankle gets twisted in everson then medial sprain occurs.

Ligaments which gets torned or stretched in lateral ankle sprain are

A) the Anterior talofibular ligament

B) Calcaneofibular ligament

C) Posterior talofibular ligamen

Ligaments which gets affected in medial sprain are

A) Deltoid

Sign and symptoms of a sprained ankle( depends upon the severity of the sprain )

1) pain and tenderness

2) warmth

3) swelling

4) Restricted ROM

5) instability in the ankle

6) limp during walking

7) inability to bear weight on affected side

MANAGEMENT grade 1 and grade 2 ankle sprains are treated conservatively. Surgical intervention is required for grade 3.

The first protocol for sprained ankle is PRICE which means prevention from further injury, Rest, Icing, Compression, Elevation .

1) patient can perform ankle ROM active movements within painfree limits to improve local circulation

2) Cold compress or cryotherapy is unbeatable . 3) Ultrasonic on sprained ankle to reduce tenderness and inflammation Strengthening exercises of ankle joint are done ones pain subcides.

POST OP rehab of a sprained ankle.

1) ankle toe pumps

2) Ankle ROM

3) Calf muscle pumping and stretching

4) isometric of of quads and hams

5) Toe raise

6) heel raise

7) toe curls

8) strengthening exercises with thearaband (resistance should be mild at the initiation )

9) walking to discard any gait abnormality

10) Strengthening exercises of the healthy limb

11) Balancing exercises Teaching to patient to prevent from further injury and reoccurence is also necessary


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