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This field is less common because the females tries to ignore or hide the problems related to pelvic floor as it feels embarrassing to them and they are less aware about the solutions for these conditions.


Pelvic floor

The pelvic floor is a complex structure made up of a group of muscles supporting the pelvic organ, form the birth canal and provide passage for urine and stool. These muscles should be relaxed for urination, bowel movements, child birth and sexual intercourse. When these muscles are hypotonic or hypertonic, problems like incontinence, difficult labor etc. occurs. This can occur due to many reasons, its not only as a result of ageing.  

There is an assessment session followed by a treatment protocol -

Pelvic floor re-education exercises

Muscle stimulation of pelvic floor muscles

Pilates for abdominal and pelvic stability

Back pain can be related pelvic pain, so treating back pain can cure pelvic pain.

Manual therapy techniques trigger point release, myofascial release, to release the strained pelvic floor muscles.

Neural mobilisation

Relaxation and breathing techniques

Advice on toileting and positional modifications

Antenatal exercises can be given during pregnancy so as to prepare the expecting mother for comfortable pregnancy and normal easy labor.

Postnatal fitness can be encouraged for the toning of the muscles which becomes flabby during pregnancy and overall wellbeing.

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