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Scientific Massage
Unlike other types of massage techniques, medical  massage targets on a particular medical diagnosis and condition, such as work related injuries, chronic pains, sports related strains or spasms . It involves various massage techniques to achieve desired medical goals. Patients can undergo medical massage as a part of  physical therapy treatment for various chronic problems. Desk job workers to sports players, children to geriatric patients, everyone can be benefitted from medical massage to get rid of various problems.  
“Superficial technique with a deep effect”
Lymphatic massage is a technique which involves very gentle pressure used to mobilise and drain the lymphatic waste fluids from the damaged area. Lymphatic massage helps to reduce lymphedema. 
Swollen legs/arms due to fluid retention
Postsurgical swelling
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Depression & Anxiety
Hormonal & emotional imbalance 
Acute inflammation
Malignant tumors
Major heart problems 
Duration - 30 to 90 minutes depending on the condition being treated. 
Role of lymphatic system
The major role of lymphatic system is to collect excess fluid from the tissues, purify it and return it to vascular system. The leaked out fluid from blood vessels is collected through lymphatic system, if fails to drain these excess fluids; they can accumulate, cause swelling and create infection. If lymphatic system gets compromised,  germs such as bacteria, viruses & fungi can get develop causing illness. The lymphatic system drains the fluid into lymph nodes. 
Benefits of MLD 
helps to fight disease and viruses
remove toxins and waste products
reduce swelling
filter lymph fluid and your blood
DTM is not only made to relax tissue but to give instant warm up to body to perform with perfection & sense of situation that’s why it is divided into few linings for example:-

Pre – workout /competition
Intermediate performance
Post – competition

Performance of an athlete depends upon whole system which basically have four aspects - physical, mental, social and emotional elements. If any of four elements gets affected, performance of an athlete is compromised.
Athlete relationship with coach, team physicians, athlete trainers, physical therapist, massage therapist/sports massage specialist, staff and other members are necessary for performance.
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