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Tension headaches usually occurs when cervical muscles becomes stiff and contracts in response to stress, workload, any headinjury or anxiety. Adults are more prone to tension headaches.

When our neck is in uncomfortable position for long duration it can cause headaches. Some activities like typing work on laptops , mobiles or any activitiy which keeps our neck flexed may trriger headaches. Other triggers could be -

1) taking lot of caeffine

2) emotional stress

3) viral infections

4) alcohol or smoking habbits

5) ophthal problems

6) dental problems

7) dehydration

Several types of tension headaches are as follows

1) Sinus : In this type of headache pain is feel behind the eyebrow bone and cheekbones.

2) Cluster: throbbing pain is feel in and around one eye.

3) tension: pain feels like tight band over the forhead.

4) migraine: pain, nausea and visual changes are typical of classic form


Painkillers are the first line of treatment for tension headaches. Common treatment include acetaminophen, NSAIDS Physical therapy sessions including manual muscle release, dry needling electrical stimulation modalities may provide relief from headaches. Tension headache prevention

1) meditation

2) yoga and daily exercises

3) adequate fluid intake

4) correct posture at work

5) limit stress

6) eat balanced and healthy meals

What are Headache ?

Headaches are a common condition that most people experience from time to time. They are characterized by pain or discomfort in the head or neck region, and can vary in intensity, duration, and location.

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