scars tissues

scars tissues

| Scar tissue
Medical management of scar tissue

1) Dermabrasion: in this old scar tissue is removed and encourage new tissue growth.

2) fat grafting: fat piece is taken from another part of the body and is injected it underneath a scar.

3) laser treatments: laser penetrates the skin and stimulates the collagen production to ensure scar healing.

4) scar revision surgery: in this intervention doctor may perform a skin graft transplanting healthy skin from another part of the body.

Physiotherapy management of scar tissue:

Scar tissue is broken down within a deep tissue massage. A deep, firm pressure is used during a deep tissue massage aiming to get deeper within muscle fibres and tissues. A deep tissue massage breaks down adhesions and collagen fibres that can be caused as a result of scar tissue.

The known effect of ultrasound is to promote healing in the inflammatory and proliferative stages. It stimulated the synthesis of growth factor that in turn increase the strength and elasticity of the collagen fibers formed.

Dry needling increases tension, resulting in the change of shape and breakdown of the scar tissue. Kinesiology tape will accelerate the scar healing and also ensures scar smoother skin.

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