Congenital torticollies

Congenital torticollies

| Congenital torticoll
What is Congenital torticollies ?

Congenital torticollis, a condition present at birth, causes an infant's neck muscles to stiffen or shorten on one side, causing the head to tilt to one side and the chin to turn to the other side. Also called neck. The exact cause of congenital torticollis is not always known, but it may be due to intrauterine malposition or traumatic delivery.


Symptoms of congenital torticollis include:

  1. Tilted or rotated head position
  2. Limited neck motion
  3. Neck muscle stiffness
  4. A small, hard lump in the neck muscle

Treatment options may include:

  1. Stretching exercises: Stretching exercises can be done at home and are aimed at stretching the shortened neck muscles.

  2. Positioning: Changes in the baby's positioning, such as placing the infant on the unaffected side during sleep, can help prevent the development of flat spots on the affected side of the head.

  3. Physical therapy: A physical therapist can provide guidance on stretching exercises and teach parents how to position the baby to help promote better neck muscle development.

  4. Surgery: In rare cases where conservative treatments are not effective, surgery may be recommended to release the tight neck muscles.

With early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, most infants with congenital torticollis make a full recovery and have normal neck function.

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