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what is radiculopathy ?

Your spine is made of a large number called vertebrae, and your spinal rope goes through a waterway in the focal point of these bones. Nerve roots split from the line and travel between the vertebrae into different region of your body. At the point when these nerve roots become squeezed or harmed, the subsequent side effects are called radiculopathy.


radiculopathy is regularly brought about by changes in the tissues encompassing the nerve roots. These tissues incorporate bones of the spinal vertebrae, ligaments and intervertebral plates. At the point when these tissues shift or change in size, they might limit the spaces where the nerve roots travel inside the spine or leave the spine; these openings are called foramina. The limiting of foramina is known as foraminal stenosis, which is basically the same as spinal stenosis that influences the spinal string.

Generally speaking, foraminal stenosis is brought about by continuous degeneration of the spine that occurs as you age. Yet, it can likewise be a consequence of a spinal physical issue.


Radiculopathy treatment will depend on the location and the cause of the condition as well as many other factors. Nonsurgical treatment is typically recommended first and may include:

  • Medications, like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, opioid medicines or muscle relaxants, to manage the symptoms

  • Weight loss strategies to reduce pressure on the problem area

  • Physical therapy to strengthen the muscles and prevent further damage

  • Steroid injections to reduce inflammation and relieve pain

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