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The NWT Health Care Plan covers the cost of medically necessary hospital services, provided at a hospital, on an inpatient or outpatient basis within Canada.

Cardiopulmonary Rehab

If you have a heart and/or lung condition, this programme consists of exercises and education about healthy lifestyle choices to help you feel better, increase endurance and improve your overall quality of life. It will also help you reduce symptoms…

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational TherapyAt Arunalaya Healthcare, our occupational therapy services address the issues of overcoming a physical limitation when interacting with the environment around you. This could include simple daily activities like dressing, cooking,…

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Medical Gym

Whether you're a beginner or a fitness regular, we'll help you get to a healthier place. The purpose of a medical gym isn't just to help clients lose weight or gain muscle, but to help them manage their health. Unlike your typical gyms or clubs, medical…

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Scientific Nutrition & Dietetics

Scientific Nutrition & DieteticsWe aim to provide you with the highest quality nutrition care. Based on your nutrition status, condition, illness, injury, or personal goals, a dietitian will work with you to optimize your health and improve your recovery.…

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Orthotics & Foot Assessments

Orthotics & Foot Assessments Orthotics is the umbrella term for different types of equipment used to either prevent or rehabilitate an injury or to improve quality of life. There are many different types of orthotics and they can be required during treatment…

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Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning at its simplest form is the practical application of sports science to enhance movement quality. It’s grounded in evidence-based research and physiology of exercise and anatomy. We all move and therefore we can all benefit from…

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Osteopathy & Chiropractic

Osteopathic treatment includes alignment for soft tissues (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) and mobilization of involved joints. It’s a branch where the spine and joints are mobilized and aligned in order to relieve the patient getting symptoms due to…

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Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical AssessmentA biomechanical assessment is a detailed assessment of your posture, and standing, walking, or running style. This is important because a little nagging deficiency or inefficiency in one area of your body can show up BIG TIME in…

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Tensegrity Evolution

Tensegrity Evolution In today's era where most of our work is done on our laptops and mobile phones, people are more prone to work-related musculoskeletal disorders like neck pain, back pain, muscle strain, etc. These can be because of multiple reasons…

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